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Available Now: two new limited-run split chapbooks

Charles is closing out 2017 with two split chapbooks, Savage Beast with Adrian Manning, and Happiness is a Death Blow with Kendall A. Bell. Both of which won’t last, so grab a copy fast.

Sanesplaining Podcast Featuring Charles Joseph

Much thanks to Daniel and Margaret Crocker for having Charles Joseph on their podcast Sanesplaining. Charles reads a few poems, talks a bit about his work, and jokes around with Dan and Margaret until they run out of time… So check it out, and thanks to all who listen!

Lovers and Fighters (100k Poets for Change Anthology)

Thanks to Montgomery County Poet Laureate Chad Frame for selecting and including the poem Jackals of All Trades Masters of None by Charles Joseph in this anthology of work from the minds of over forty poets.

Chameleon reviewed by Matthew J. Hall from Screaming with Brevity

Chameleon is a three-part collection of poems and stories from Charles Joseph’s archive, spanning from 2012-2016. The middle section is made up of six short stories, leaving the bulk of the book poetry heavy. The opening and titular poem is a confessional affair which introduces the author’s intent; self-examination and honesty.

Chameleon Reviewed by FIVE:2:ONE Magazine

Charles Joseph has been called a “poet of the people”, and his first full length collection of poetry and short stories shows why this can be accurate, though, with a thorough reading of this collected works that spans from 2012 to 2016, more layers are unraveled, and Joseph proves to be a bit more of a chameleon than you would imagine him to be.

Fresh Press Review of Chameleon

Joseph’s Chameleon is a poetry and story collection that guides us through a journey of intricate day to day emotions we experience in the most relatable way possible. While reading his poetry, readers will often find themselves smiling in understanding. It is his title piece Chameleon that sets the pace for the rest of the adventure:

Resurrection of a Sunflower (A Vincent Van Gogh Anthology)

Charles Joseph has ten new poems dedicated to Vincent van Gogh published in this anthology for The Vincent van Gogh Library in Nuenen, The Netherlands. 

Old School Monsters Podcast with John Dorsey

For the release of their split chapbook, Old School Monsters, John Dorsey and Charles Joseph recorded a live reading of each poem from the book during a podcast on January 17th, 2017 hosted by the editor of the online literary magazine Drunk Monkeys, Matthew Guerruckey. The project as a whole was discussed, as well as a bit of Q & A from Matt.

Available NOW…
Chameleon cover Charlesjosephlit.com

Paperback: 144 pages

CHAMELEON (Omnibus Unum 2012-2016) is a dazzling four-year collage of Charles Joseph’s thought provoking poems and stories, assembled at the close of 2016. In this sharp, entertaining volume, you will find sixty-six collected and uncollected reasons why his following has continued to grow day-by-day, reader-by-reader, since the release of his first chapbook War Paint in 2012. Filled with a hodgepodge of themes from loss to everyday observations and everything in between, Chameleon drags you into the colorful mind of a versatile American writer with a unique voice that will leave your mind stirring after. Available in paperback and ebook.

$10.99 free shipping with Amazon Prime 
Savage Beast cover Charlesjosephlit.com

Limited Edition Chapbook

In Savage Beast, Adrian Manning and Charles Joseph seamlessly meld their musically inspired poems. One voice compliments the other, and works as a continuous flow of thought and reflection. The poems carry a feisty nature, an unwillingness to give in, even if life has thrown a right hook and a gut punch and left them temporarily crumpled on a sidewalk in the rain. It’s this insistence that keeps the chapbook spinning, like an old 45 on a dusty, wood-cased turntable. Joseph and Manning keep their poetic journey interesting, even when the main concern is simply getting home in time for dinner.

$5 plus shipping (Limited to 40 numbered chapbooks printed on white linen.)

*For U.K orders of Savage Beast please contact: Adrian Manning 

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