CHAMELEON (Omnibus Unum 2012-2016) is a dazzling four-year collage of Charles Joseph’s thought provoking poems and stories, assembled at the close of 2016. In this sharp, entertaining volume, you will find sixty-six collected and uncollected reasons why his following has continued to grow day-by-day, reader-by-reader, since the release of his first chapbook War Paint in 2012. Filled with a hodgepodge of themes from loss to everyday observations and everything in between, Chameleon drags you into the colorful mind of a versatile American writer with a unique voice that will leave your mind stirring after. Available in paperback and ebook.


“Chameleon by Charles Joseph is a chameleon inside a boa constrictor inside an eagle soaring over New York City. ‘A hard of hearing lady pool hustler, psychedelic-ostrich guitars, grey glaucoma rooster awaits.’ The guts and innards are packed with fascinating stories. Then Chazz leads us back down the poem story trail. We glimpse Romeo and Juliet and get a whiff of Lorca. An invisible chameleon grasps a windowsill and studies humanity. I highly recommend this book. Anyone who admires Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce is an amigo of mine.”

—Catfish McDaris, author of 27 Hammerheads Circling Ever Closer (Pski’s Porch Press)

“A few years ago, Charles Joseph seemingly came out of nowhere, shot out of a cannon and onto the small press literary scene. Much like his own poem, he is a true fireball of human emotion, wearing words like bones filled with honesty. He is a rare thing in this world, a writer with almost no ego, who just wants to write—who can actually get the job done. With Chameleon he proves himself to be a double threat, a master of both poetry and fiction, he is truly at the beginning of what I hope is a much longer journey, I plan to be there for the ride—wherever it takes me.”

—John Dorsey, author of Shoot the Messenger (Red Flag Poetry)

“In the universe of Charles Joseph’s Chameleon, a misunderstood phrase on the critical third date is likely to get a man pummeled by a pool stick (after the intended beloved has beat him seven out of eight games); or the bad habit of neglecting to pay the electric bill that almost ruins a stagnant relationship leads to its revival. All is subject to change for good or ill, often at the last minute, and Joseph’s compassionate yet gently shell shocked sense of humor carries us through an unusual and enjoyable mix of poems and short stories. This is a tour through a selected works that reminds me a little of the late and dearly missed Harvey Pekar. The book’s sense of emotional latitude and longitude is true Jersey. Too bad that unlike Pekar, Joseph doesn’t know some talented cartoonists, but he doesn’t need them—not with all the good word pictures he paints.”

—Joe Weil, author of A Night In Duluth (NYQ Press)

“Charles Joseph doesn’t know what pretentiousness is. He uses clear and punchy language, but he is not another Bukowski imposter. Using his signature Charles Joseph charm, he manages to explore some of the darkest aspects of the human condition while still making his readers smile. Even if you’re not a writer, his work will constantly have you saying, ah, I wish I thought of that.”

—B. Diehl, author of Zeller’s Alley (White Gorilla Press)


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