Old School Monsters Podcast: Charles Joseph, John Dorsey, and Matthew Guerruckey

Old School Monsters | Podcast | January 17, 2017

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For the release of their split chapbook, Old School Monsters, John Dorsey and Charles Joseph recorded a live reading of each poem from the book during a podcast on January 17th, 2017 hosted by the editor of the online literary magazine Drunk Monkeys, Matthew Guerruckey. The project as a whole was discussed, as well as a bit of Q & A from Matt.

We hope you enjoy it, and thanks for listening!

John Dorsey Podcast
 Charles Joseph Podcast

Conceived as a poetic tribute to the golden age of low budget cinema, Old School Monsters, which features 12 original poems by John Dorsey and Charles Joseph, offers a glimpse into the heart of infamous movie monsters and the formative monsters that shape our reality every day. 50 copies of this chapbook were printed on white linen and released on January 29th 2017.

Cover art by Janne Karlsson.

Sold Out (Limited to 50 numbered chapbooks printed on white linen.)

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