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Chameleon by Charles Joseph | Book Review | June 29, 2017

By Barbara Gonzalez

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Joseph’s Chameleon is a poetry and story collection that guides us through a journey of intricate day to day emotions we experience in the most relatable way possible. While reading his poetry, readers will often find themselves smiling in understanding. It is his title piece Chameleon that sets the pace for the rest of the adventure:


Everything always seems better
with a fresh coat of paint.

Of course, it depends on how
you choose to color it,
or how thick or thin
you decide to lay it on,
but with a little practice
hiding all of those
cracks and blemishes
from your family and friends
is pretty easy to do.

The hard part is living with whatever’s
festering beneath the surface.

In his poetry, Joseph touches on topics of Being Vs. Societal Expectations, Depression, Childhood, Family Love, World Events, Loss and the struggles we sometimes endure to manage strong and often incoherent emotions. He navigates us through these events by way of a voice that reminds you of late night conversations with a trusted lifetime friend or a close family member. His use of both formal and colloquial language heightens the level of appeal it holds for the reader. Each poem has a unique voice particular to the character speaking, whether it is his 12 yr old self in a recollection of memories or his adult-self asking us the questions that need to be answered. He delivers a kind of reassurance that challenges us to think outside our comfort zone, while many times voicing thoughts most individuals would never admit they ponder. The short stories are a treat to read, creating complex characters in the most simple ways while delivering your typical “lesson” in the most unexpected ways. Chameleon takes us on a stimulating excursion through life as seen by the eyes of Charles Joseph. It is an absolute delight to read his works. Charles Joseph is the voice this generation has long been waiting for.

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