A Review: Chameleon by Charles Joseph


Chameleon is a three-part collection of poems and stories from Charles Joseph’s archive, spanning from 2012-2016. The middle section is made up of six short stories, leaving the bulk of the book poetry heavy. The opening and titular poem is a confessional affair which introduces the author’s intent; self-examination and honesty. The narrator is an every-man type fellow, who knows how to keep up appearances for the sake of family and friends, but isn’t too sure what to do with the secrets and insecurities that lurk beneath the surface. The ensuing poems and stories bare well under the strain of pulling those hidden aspects up from under the skin and, for good or ill, giving them a chance to breathe their own air.

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Matthew J. Hall

Matthew J. Hall

An avid reader, writer and reviewer of poetry and short fiction. Author of Blood Pudding Press 2015 chapbook contest winner, Pigeons and Peace Doves and The Human Condition is a Terminal Illness will soon be available through Bareback Press (2017).

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