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Two New Split Chapbooks by Charles Joseph | October  29, 2017 

After a tremendous year of artistic growth, Charles is closing out 2017 with two split chapbooks, Savage Beast with Adrian Manning, and Happiness is a Death Blow with Kendall A. Bell.

Both of which won’t last, so grab a copy fast.

Thanks to all for your support!

Savage Chapbook

Only 10 left in the U.S!

In Savage Beast, Adrian Manning and Charles Joseph seamlessly meld their musically inspired poems. One voice compliments the other, and works as a continuous flow of thought and reflection. The poems carry a feisty nature, an unwillingness to give in, even if life has thrown a right hook and a gut punch and left them temporarily crumpled on a sidewalk in the rain. It’s this insistence that keeps the chapbook spinning, like an old 45 on a dusty, wood-cased turntable. Joseph and Manning keep their poetic journey interesting, even when the main concern is simply getting home in time for dinner.

Cover art by Matt Gullstrand

$5 plus shipping (Limited to 40 numbered chapbooks printed on white linen.)

*For U.K orders of Savage Beast please contact: Adrian Manning 

Only 5 left!

Within the pages of Happiness is a Death Blow, Charles Joseph and Kendall A. Bell mine the depths of malaise and introspection through keen observation and deep contemplation. One finds the small crack of light in the pitch black, while the other allows the melancholy to consume him. Through the twelve poems, Bell and Joseph peel back the layers of themselves to reveal the world, and their place in it for what it is: a complicated and frustrating ballet that often breaks bones, and not always cleanly. However, bones heal, and their wills remain intact to delve further into their collective bags of verse. This collection is a reminder that bliss is fleeting, and best consumed in quiet moments.

Cover art by Moly Tov

$5 plus shipping (Limited to 36 numbered chapbooks printed on white linen.)
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