Here’s the story…

Chazz is a writer, K’s an artist, and Johnny plays rock ‘n’ roll. They’ve got big dreams and high aspirations, but there’s only one problem—they’re stuck working in a restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Charmed by glimmering visions of stardom, these three convince themselves that unexpected setbacks are only temporary. So while Chazz is cooking and creating specials like Chicken a la I need to write my way out of this bullshit job and Cornish Hen I sure wish K was my girlfriend, Johnny’s a waiter in a band called The New Contrarians waiting for the world to recognize his genius, and K’s a hostess who’s hungry to receive recognition for her art—but she’s also with Sid, a dandy fop hipster who mentally and physically abuses her.

In one night, all three of their lives crumble. Johnny misses an opportunity to sign a record deal in order to save K from being beaten to death by Sid, while back home in Jersey, Chazz burns his manuscript, trashes his apartment, and nearly ends up in jail. But after a few days in the hospital, K finds out that Sid has committed suicide, and she asks Johnny and Chazz to take her upstate to her parents’ house to recuperate. They agree, and their country hiatus not only strengthens their bond but it forces them to reevaluate their lives. So, Johnny devises a robbery scheme down on Wall Street, and K and Chazz are dumb enough to go along for the ride. In the end, they get exactly what they want—fame and fortune—except it’s not exactly how they planned it.

Charles is currently seeking a home for NO OUTLET with a reputable agent, publisher, or press.