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Charles Joseph


A New Jersey Institution Chiron Review ( forthcoming Summer 2018)

Gimme a Ticket for an Aeroplane Ramingo’s Porch #1 (December 2017)

Please Lose My Phone Number Philosophical Idiot (November 2017)

The Gifts You Receive from Innocent Bystanders, Blame It on Jacque Cousteau Philosophical Idiot (October 2017)

Ode to the King of Spanish Hams Ovunque Siamo (September 2017)

Red Herring, #1 for the Peanut Gallery, 50 Shades, Magic Eight Ball, and Good News Chantarelle’s Notebook (August 2017)

Reality Check, Charlie’s Inferno Philosophical Idiot (August 2017)

The Sadness Buried In the Frames of Film Stock, Infinitely Humbled by the Sound of Thunder, Our Dog Sure is Smart Fluland (June 2017)

Myosotis, Rhythm, and Farewell Cannon Chantarelle’s Notebook (April 2017)

Potus 45 winedrunksidewalk (February 2017)

The Wind Carried Away the Cotton Wool, Jackels of All Trades Rusty Truck (November 2016)

Meloncholy Memory Madness Muse Magazine #1  (Septeber 2016)

Chameleon POEMS FOR ALL # 1406 (June 2016)

Thrift Store Poem #1 POEMS FOR ALL #1518 (June 2016)

Golden Years POEMS FOR ALL #1413 Bowie Tribute (February 2016)

Ornithology Your One Phone Call (May 2016)

Nosferatu, Creature from the Black Lagoon Drunk Monkeys (May 2016)

Angels with Dirty Faces Drunk Monkeys (April 2016)

Bridges  Oakland Review #3 ( April 2016)

Tomahawk Five 2 One Magazine pg. 27 (March 2016)

Evolution Yellow Chair Review Issue 6 pg. 61 (March 2016)

Ashes and Tombstones, Atonement  GFT Press (March 2016)

#26 For the Boy from Cody Wyoming Red Fez, Issue 86 (February 2015)

Long Gone the Drums Lehigh Valley Vanguard  (February 2016)

Shepard’s Wool micro poem Five 2 One Magazine (January 2016)

For the Queens of Zimbabwe Lehigh Valley Vanguard (December 2015) 

FIREBALL Lehigh Valley Vanguard (December 2015)

A Heart Full of Pearls Cultured Vultures (November 2015)

Crooked Nails and the Fires of Deception Lehigh Valley Vanguard (Aug. 2015)


Curveball City Philosophical Idiot (July 2017)

It’s a Long Way to Massapequa (April 2017)

Switching Gears Cultured Vultures (April 2017)

Dawn’s Early Light  Full of Crow: Fiction (Winter 2017)

The Grass is Always Green in Connecticut Drunk Monkeys (October 2016)

New Tricks for Old Dogs Cultured Vultures (November 2015)


Bruce Springsteen and Me: A Tale of Love and Woe, Woe, Woe Cultured Vultures (Feb. 2016)

Six Inches of Glory: A Quasi-Serial Adventure Five 2 One Magazine (Weekly column)


CHAMELEON Screaming with Brevity (August 2017)

CHAMELEON Five:2:one (August 2017)

Resurrection of a Sunflower, SFPJ (August 2017)


FIREBALL  Full of Crow (July 2016)

FIREBALL Drunk Monkeys (January 2016)

Temporary Obscurity Drunk Monkeys (September 2015)


Lovers and Fighters: Poetry for Social Change, (2017)

Resurrection of a Sunflower, Pski’s Porch (2017)

Recession in Neverland, Timm Wherry photography  (2017)

Roadmaps, Cringe Worthy Poetry collective (2016)

DACTYL, #1 (2013)

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